Saving Resources

Providing positive economic value

The cost of new initiatives is sometimes calculated without considering the significant money that can be saved or is already being spent maintaining inferior or obsolete systems already in place.

For example, some of the savings from the feminine hygiene disposal system include:

  • Reduces (often eliminates) the distractions of plumbing issues caused by blockages
  • Reduces water use; eliminates double and triple flushing
  • Hands-free fixtures reduce cross-contamination from germs and can reduce illness and absenteeism
  • Saves other resources, e.g. eliminates the bag liners and EPA approved sanitizers (which kill viruses and should be used), as well as the cost of replacing old style sanitary bins

To put the price of this Freedom Hygiene system into context; currently during every restroom visit women and children are exposed to the risks, contents and odors of old style sanitary bins. Although price is based on the volume of units and service frequency to ensure that units are always clean and available, the cost per restroom visit is approximately the same as the cost of a paper towel.

On-site hand sanitizers and workplace sanitizing wipes reduce absenteeism, improve attendance and pay for themselves through increased productivity. You already know that you can buy these sanitizers and in-fact some employees buy their own for use at their desk. The added value of the Freedom Hygiene service is the regularly updated educational signage that is posted to encourage appropriate use. It is only when these sanitizers are properly used in the workplace that they can contribute to absenteeism and productivity. When employees see their employer taking this initiative for their wellbeing they are more likely to participate.

A less expensive, environmentally responsible and more effective alternative to seat covers is the in-stall toilet seat cleanser which makes a restroom visit more hygienic. This system also reduced solid waste in the sewer system and the associated plumbing issues.

Offering a system to enable employees and visitors to clean and sanitize the baby changing table is not only appreciated, it’s a very inexpensive addition to general hygiene in the workplace.