Workplace Sanitizing Wipes

Effectively reducing the spread of germs in the workplace

Do you know someone that eats snacks or lunch at their office desk? University of Arizona studies show that your office desk can harbor 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat! A small area on your desk or phone can host millions of bacteria that cause illness.

Workplace Sanitizing Wipes

Studies confirm that surfaces in personal work spaces such as offices or cubicles have higher bacteria levels than surfaces in common areas. Here is the hard evidence, sample numbers of bacteria found per square inch:

  • Phone receiver 25,127
  • Desktop 20,961
  • Computer keyboard 3,295
  • Computer mouse 1,676

The study concluded… ‘One good way to kill bacteria at your desk and help stop the spread of germs is to regularly clean your personal workplace.’

Studies also demonstrate that 80% of germs are transmitted by hands. Hands spread germs; germs cause illness; and illness results in absenteeism.

This Freedom Hygiene service provides disposable germicidal wipes together with informational instructions to enable employees to effectively clean and disinfect their work surfaces. The added value of this Freedom Hygiene service is the regularly updated educational signage that is posted to encourage appropriate use. It is only when these sanitizers are properly used in the workplace that they can contribute to absenteeism and productivity. When employees see their employer taking this initiative for their wellbeing they are more likely to participate.

This is an opportunity to reduce workplace acquired illness and to make your place of work safer and more productive through protection and peace of mind.