Toilet Seat Cleanser

Providing a more hygienic restroom experience

Employees and visitors want to be confident that surfaces are clean and germ free. This spray-on cleanser replaces toilet seat covers which offer no proven protection and often result in blocked plumbing because multiple covers are flushed at once.

This simple spray system enables the user to clean the toilet seat effectively before use. A fast acting, fast drying, non irritant fluid is sprayed onto toilet tissue and used to wipe the seat. This ensures a clean and hygienic surface is available every time.

The toilet seat cleanser eliminates toilet seat covers on the floor which are both a slipping hazard for restroom users and make the wrong impression about overall restroom cleanliness.

This system reduces environmental impacts by eliminating waxed toilet seat covers being flushed into the sewer system. It is often less expensive than seat covers. Units are professionally installed free of charge and regularly serviced by the Freedom Hygiene professional service team.