On-site Hand Sanitizer

Making the workplace more hygienic

Study results can surprise us! Did you know:

• 80% of germs are transmitted by hands
• 30% of people do not wash their hands when leaving a restroom
• Many people sneeze or cough into their hands however few wash their hands immediately after sneezing into them
• 80% of people who do wash their hands don’t use soap or wash long enough to get rid of germs


If you’re concerned about absenteeism, germ ‘hot spots’ and the transfer of germs in places where many people gather then this service has been developed for you.

On-site hand sanitizers reduce absenteeism, improve attendance and pay for themselves through increased productivity. You already know that you can buy these sanitizers and in-fact some employees buy their own for use at their desk. The added value of the Freedom Hygiene service is the regularly updated educational signage that is posted to encourage appropriate use. It is only when these sanitizers are properly used in the workplace that they can contribute to absenteeism and productivity. When employees see their employer taking this initiative for their wellbeing they are more likely to participate.

Do you avoid shaking hands with people who obviously have a cold? This hand-sanitizer is ideal for areas where numbers of people congregate and may not have been able to wash hands between engagements:

• Conference rooms
• Outside elevators
• Reception areas
• Waiting rooms
• Staff lounges
• Classrooms
• Restrooms
• Signature pens at checkouts

On-site hand sanitizers are a quick and easy way to ensure personal hand hygiene between meetings. It’s the combination of assured availability together with changing educational material that leads to increased use and thus greater protection.