Feminine Hygiene Product Disposal

Ask women about the old style sanitary disposal bins for pads and tampons and they say:

“I won’t touch them”
“They’re nasty”
“Just awful”

The Freedom Hygiene system is safer, preferred and environmentally responsible

The Freedom Hygiene feminine hygiene disposal service places a hands-free unit in each restroom stall and this provides protection and peace of mind for all restroom users.

Safer and more hygienic: The hands-free, pedal operated units eliminate the need to touch surfaces with hands and therefore eliminate exposure to blood borne and other germs. The units also protect children from accidental exposure to discarded products. This creates a healthier restroom environment. This self contained system also safeguards custodial personnel from the hazards of exposure to blood-borne germs when emptying and cleaning the old style bins.


Employee preferred: The unique design ensures that previously discarded products cannot be seen or touched. An odor neutralizer within each unit removes unpleasant smells at the source. Women appreciate this service because it provides protection and peace of mind and allows them to dispose of used products safely in an environmentally responsible way.

Environmentally responsible: This eco-friendly technology reduces flushing of used products and plastic wrappers into the sewer system and the Bay. This also reduces (often eliminates) blockages and messy overflows.

Saves resources: Resources saved (money and time) can then be applied to other priorities. These units work 24 hours a day 7 days a week irrespective of unexpected peaks in employees or visitors using the restrooms or interruptions in custodial staff reporting to work. The elimination of blockages saves time and distractions as well as improving image.

The Freedom Hygiene professionally trained service team switches out all units with freshly sanitized ones at regular intervals to suit the needs of each business. This service is required by law in many countries because of the safety and environmental advantages it provides.