Reducing environmental impacts for a cleaner and safer environment

Across the world, some 2,000,000 sea birds and 100,000 marine mammals die every year as a result of contamination by plastic debris such as those from flushed feminine hygiene products. Every day 2.5 million tampons are flushed down the toilet, along with 1.4 million pads and 700,000 panty liners. These products can cause hormonal changes in wildlife and risk harmful organisms entering the food chain.


Most pads and tampons are marked ‘do not flush’; they are neither dissolvable nor biodegradable; plastic wrappers, liners and introducers can last indefinitely. When these products are flushed they can be found littering our beaches and rivers creating a potential health risk to humans and animals. It is the plastics in feminine hygiene products which float on the surface that are the first to spill into The Bay during overflows from heavy rains. Correcting a problem at its source is far more effective than taking corrective action at a later date.

California has lead many initiatives towards achieving a greener approach to everyday life and we are proud that we can make a difference. The feminine hygiene disposal service from Freedom Hygiene provides a solution which allows women to appropriately and safely dispose of used feminine hygiene products without flushing. The toilet seat cleanser offered by Freedom Hygiene reduces solid waste in wastewater by eliminating the need for waxed toilet seat covers. Together, these initiatives reduce pollution in the sewer system and The Bay.

If you manage a business with toilet facilities you can choose to provide an environmentally responsible approach to restroom hygiene. If you are pursuing the national Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, please let us review with you how the innovative Freedom Hygiene services can help by reducing water use (by 10%) and solid waste, and increasing internal air quality.

At Freedom Hygiene we take our environmental and social responsibility seriously. Freedom Hygiene is a certified small business in the ‘Bay Area Green Business Program’. Freedom Hygiene is a participant in ‘ClimateSmart’; created by PG&E to allow businesses to become climate neutral with respect to energy consumption. Freedom Hygiene supports the National Breast Cancer Foundation.